Anesthesia Errors Causing Brain Injuries

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Anesthesia is a temporary and pharmacologically-induced state of amnesia, analgesia and loss of consciousness. It allows Nevada patients to undergo surgery and other invasive procedures without the pain and anxiety they would feel otherwise. Fortunately, mistakes made by anesthesiologists are not that common. But when they do happen, the results are often tragic.

Elite Injury Attorneys NetworkWhen a Nevada anesthesiologist fails to exercise the appropriate standard of care, a patient may suffer. With anesthesia, injuries can range from being mildly conscious during surgery to organ failure and brain damage. When a patient is under anesthesia, their airway must be properly monitored, to ensure a sufficient level of oxygen is maintained. If this does not happen and the brain is partially or completely deprived of oxygen, permanent and debilitating brain damage can result.

If you or someone you love suffered an anesthesia error and is dealing with a brain injury or other adverse outcome, you may have a medical malpractice claim. Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC, will assign an attorney with medical malpractice experience to review the details of your case and if seems credible, he will work at finding you a qualified Nevada medical malpractice lawyer for no additional fee.

Brain Damage from Anesthesia Mistakes

Brain damage resulting from medical negligence is one of the most disturbing types of malpractice cases. Aside from the trauma of suffering a brain damage, the financial tolls of treatment and rehabilitation are staggering.

Each brain injury is different, and will depend on the severity of the anesthesia error. The two most common types of brain injuries are anoxic and hypoxic. An anoxic brain injury differs from a hypoxic brain injury in the amount of oxygen the brain is deprived of. Anoxia results from a lack of oxygen; hypoxia results from the lack of a sufficient amount of oxygen. In fact, the two are so closely related that the medical community uses the term “HAI brain injury,” which stands for hypoxic-anoxic brain injury. Many patients who suffer this type of brain injury will experience problems with memory, motor skills, and varying degrees of mental impairment.

Treatment for HAI Brain Injuries

A patient who has suffered an HAI brain injury often needs expensive medical treatment to help them recover. The duration and intensity of the treatment will depend on the severity of the brain damage, and could take months or years. Some patients are able to make a full recovery while others are not.

Treatment may involve:

  • Speech therapy
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Occupational therapy

If you live in Nevada and your health has suffered because of an anesthesia mistake, please complete the online form and an attorney from Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC will review your case and attempt to find you a Nevada medical malpractice lawyer, if your claim is valid.